About Us

ALTRU TOURS was set up in 2016 as a division of ATRU DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD by 3 shareholders from Singapore and 1 shareholder from Cambodia, with the objective of promoting the performance of Hajj and Umrah and inbound Islamic tours to Cambodia. The profits of the Company would also be used to promote dakwah and charitable work done by the Charitable Association of Cambodian Islamic Graduates (CACIG) led by its President Ustaz Yusof Osman (Sman Yousos) a graduate from Al-Azhar University of Egypt. The Company was registered on 3 November 2016 with The Ministry of Commerce, Kingdom of Cambodia  with a registration number 00021148. It was registered as a tour agency operator on 15 November 2017 under The Ministry Of Tourism with license number 505.


To be Cambodia’s best Islamic travel agency by providing customers with excellent and syariah compliant tourism related services that has a religious and charitable purpose.


  1. Develop customers trust through honest, efficient , prompt and courteous service.
  2. Provide an Islamic perspective to all travel destinations in Cambodia.
  3. Tourism with a religious and charitable purpose.
  4. Encourage the performance of Hajj/Umrah amongst Cambodian Muslims and educate them with the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in performing Hajj/Umrah.